Methods for cleaning windows – the traditional way? Or the modern way? Using the new water fed pole? with advanced pure water cleaning technology

Traditional window cleaning

Methods involve applying soapy water to the glass with a hand-held applicator. A mixture of soap & water is applied to the glass. Microfibre sleeves are specially designed for the easy removal of dirt. The squeegee is then wiped over the glass similar to a car windscreen wiper, and this removes the soapy water, leaving a transparent window, with runs wiped off using a fresh microfibre cloth.

The real disadvantage of the traditional methods is that cleaning products leave small detergent firms behind. Initially, the soap is translucent to the eye until it rains or dust/pollen is blown onto the window. Windows become dirtier much quicker with this method windows are typically cleaned twice a month.

For well over a century sponge & bucket was the accepted practice of the window cleaner, nowadays the modern professional window cleaner uses water fed pole with advanced pure water technology.

water fed pole

Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning

During the 1990s water fed pole pure water technology was introduced to the UK which was developed in the United States. Today telescopic poles that typically extend to around 40ft are used, larger poles can easily reach seven stories high. All poles have pure water pumped through spraying pure water onto the glass through small jets in the brush. The brush agitates the window with the pure water & at the same time rinses the dirt away. Frames sills & doors are cleaned with ease, with the Pure water system operated at ground level.

The pure water has all of its natural impurities removed. Using the latest advanced pure water technology. Windows are left crystal clear. The pure water cleaning system is ideal for awkward windows and conservatories.

Advantages of water fed pole include:

  • No film is left on the glass, so windows stay cleaner for longer
  • The pure water ensures a bright, beautiful finish every time.
  • ladder free thus protecting your privacy & no more lawn marks or holes
  • Safely reach windows which been inaccessible in the past
  • Easily reach windows above porches & conservatory roofs

Some customers are resistant to the change, but the proof is in the fantastic results.

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