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There’s a tendency for us all to think that flooding will never happen to us, the fact is – IT COULD!

Over 5 million people in England are at risk of flooding and this is going to increase with an ever changing climate. Unfortunately at present you don’t need to live near a river or sea to become flooded, 50% of all floods are now caused by rainfall overwhelming the capacity of drainage systems.

This results in the back-filling of sewer pipes, the raw sewage then enters homes via toilets, sinks showers, washing machines etc. thus leaving families facing raw sewage in their own homes. The Consumer Council for Water, reports complaints from homeowners relating to sewer flooding are up year on year.

Installing one simple inexpensive device could prevent this from happening.

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So, let us guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that any potential flood risk has a minimum impact on your home and family:


Have you ever checked to see if you are at risk from flooding?


What could you do now to save you time, money and worry if it happened tomorrow?


Would you know what to do in a flood?

Prevention is always less expensive and has much less impact on your family than the aftermath involved once your property has been flooded.

According to the Association of British Insurers, 90% of flood damage is caused by just the first inch of water and the average flood claim is £15,000 – £25,000.

We pride ourselves in offering the best products at the most competitive prices, backed up by first class installation and excellent customer service.

All our products are discrete and only visible with the first signs of flood.

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Stormont's professional measures could lower your insurance premiums and in some cases make your once uninsurable property insurable again.

Protect your property now!

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