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The Stormont Advanced Pure Water Technology Filtration System

Stage 1

of the water filtration process uses a 5-micron polypropylene pre-filter. This removes any particles bigger than 5 microns from the water including metals and other general impurities.

Stage 2

uses an activated carbon block filter to reduce the concentration of chlorine and organic compounds.

Stage 3 of the filtration process also uses a carbon filter, but this filter is granulated which will further aid in the removal of chlorine.

Stage 4

of the water filtration is the RO membrane. This RO system uses a 2000 GPD membrane which has the capability to filter up to 9000 litres of water per day.

Stage 5

the final stage of the filtration process uses a deioniser filter. This is used to filter the water to zero (0) total dissolved solids (TDS) meaning no impurities remain. The water is now so pure the water can be used in medical applications such as autoclaves.

pure water window cleaning

Benefits of the Stormont Advanced Pure Water Window Cleaning System

The advanced pure water window cleaning system has become the industry preferred method in maintaining residential & commercial windows. Here are just some of the advantages of using the pure water easy reach system:

Safety Comes First

Working on the ground reduces and avoids many risks, including falling from heights & climbing of ladders. The easy reach pole system can reach most windows, frames and sills, including difficult to reach windows above conservatories or porches, in addition, higher windows can also be managed working on the ground floor with the easy reach pure water system, allowing access up to the 5th storey.

No Property Damage

The easy reach system eliminates the use of ladders thus preventing broken roof tiles, general damage to windows, frames, sills, & brickwork. & the all-important No more ladder holes in the lawns


One of the major benefits of using the easy reach pure water system is time-saving. The system helps to reduce the time spent on the job, thus reducing labour costs bringing greater value to the customer.

Windows Stay Cleaner for Longer

The system only uses pure water which removes all the accumulated dust and grime from the windows without the use of any chemicals. What makes this possible is the ultra-pure water state as it contains no dissolved solid particles. In this state, the water easily connects with all the impurities on the windows. It takes significantly longer for contaminates to start building up again and leaves no smears or smudges, giving better longer lasting results.

Child & Pet Safe

The old sponge and bucket method relies on chemical solutions to remove dirt and stains from the windows, posing potential health and environmental issues & risks. Advanced pure water technology only uses pure water, making the process of cleaning windows completely chemical free.

All Surfaces Cleaned

The system can easily & efficiently clean UPVC, metal or wood including single, double or triple glazed units. The pure water system is more than capable of cleaning different styles of windows, including Georgian & leaded, sash & bay, plus frames, sills, doors, conservatory roofs, skylights, glass structures, cladding & much more.

Working during inclement weather

Not a problem, as the system allows for working in light rain & drizzle, without any compromise in quality or finish.

Reduced Noise Disturbance & Privacy

Working at ground level & ladder free conveniently reduces noise disturbance & offers better customer privacy, no more ladders at bedroom windows!

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