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solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels work by capturing the suns energy, in the form of sunrays. As rays hit the solar panel, the solar cells collect the light directly. The purer the light source to the solar cell, the more power is generated. That’s why it’s essential to maintain the effectiveness of the solar panels to protect and preserve your investment & the all-important feed-in tariffs.

One of the reasons that solar panels are such a good investment is that they require very little maintenance. Most solar panel systems are fine with basic checks along with pure water soft brush cleaning, once or twice a year is advised.

Some companies suggest that solar panels do not need to be cleaned as they have self-cleaning glass which removes any residue or debris when it rains. However, solar panels are only cost-effective when they are working at maximum output, and for that reason, it is best to get them cleaned.

Experts agree that dirty solar panels won’t produce as much power as clean panels. The range of loss can be as high as 25% in some areas; this is according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Individual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to clean their solar panels.

The build-up of pollutants from rainwater can cause solar panels to work less efficiently. Dirt, dust, pollens, salt and other solids build up on the solar panels, along with the very common bird droppings, over time these contaminates block the sunlight

& create shadows over the solar cells making them work less efficiently. 

The solar panels themselves require little to no maintenance. However, the other parts of the system, such as the inverter and the cables connecting the panels to the inverter, may require some upkeep to ensure maximum efficiency.

When you have an inverter installed, usually in the attic, you should ensure that it will not be subjected to damp conditions as this could lower its lifespan. Important checks include checking the input and output displayed on the inverter are accurate to what your system is actually producing.

Some of these maintenance checks can be made yourself, however, if in doubt it is always better to bring in professional service.

The Stormont Solar Panel maintenance clean leaves your panels in optimal condition. We provide a planned regular pure water soft brush cleaning maintenance programme to suit your needs. Protecting your investment is vital when making long term high-value purchases. 

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