The reach and wash pure water system often referred to as water fed pole or telescopic pole is now the preferred professional window cleaning method. It’s safer than the traditional method of bucket and ladder with no risk of falling from heights, damage to the building and it’s chemical free.

The telescopic poles can clean windows up to 70ft from the ground, cleaning windows frames, sills, doors, cladding and conservatories with ease making challenging to reach windows much more accessible.


easy reach system demo

The real advantages of the water fed pole system:

  • Eco-friendly no chemicals
  • Better health & safety working from ground level
  • No property damage from ladders
  • Greater privacy for customers by cleaning upstairs windows from the ground floor
  • The pure water system leaves windows cleaner for longer, especially when regularly

The water fed pole system reduces the time spent cleaning and, in a world where every technique that minimises time adds real value to the customer, this is one of the significant benefits of using the system. There’s no need to carry buckets of water containing chemicals, up and down ladders all day long. The purified water removes all the dust and grime from the glass frames sills & doors without the use of any chemicals due to its pure state. This is made possible because of the absolute state of the water containing no dissolved particles. In this state, the water easily removes all impurities on the surface, leaving behind a beautifully cleaned result. Another benefit to this is that it takes significantly longer for contaminates to start building up again, with customers enjoying long-lasting, beautiful results.

The pure water system works in rainy weather including light rain or drizzle. Where ladders become wet and slippery, the telescopic pole keeps on working, providing no health & safety issues. 

The easy reach pole goes beyond the usual window cleaning remit and can be used to clean solar panels, soffits and fascias. Velux windows & conservatory roofs are easily accessed, using this eco-friendly system.

The Stormont pure water system gives outstanding results & we are so confident we offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.