So What Is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

 Its a very modern method of window cleaning, Stormont only ever use pure water, no detergents are used to wash or rinse and the windows, frames, sills & doors are all cleaned as standard. The water in our pipes is filtered to meet national water quality standards. The water is safe to drink & has a variable mineral content, the level of mineral content is entirely dependent on the water geology of the area from which it comes. The minerals give the water its individual taste and water quality can vary throughout the country. When tap water is applied to a surface and then allowed to dry, the minerals that are left behind are simply too heavy to evaporate and as a result, causes problems with spotting & watermarking on the surface. In order to give the best possible clean Stormont remove the minerals and chemicals from water meaning we only ever use pure water thus leaving no spotting or watermarks.

The Many Advantages of using Pure Water Advanced Technology

Pure water absorbs minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. When the water is pure, the absorption rate is significantly increased, easily removing the dust & dirt. The pure water is applied using a soft brush, absorbing the dirt and dust contaminants. The surface is rinsed again with more pure water & allowed to dry naturally to deliver a spot-free beautiful shine. The Stormont pure water system gives remarkable results, the difference in quality over traditional methods is remarkable, this includes the length of time windows, frames. sills & doors remain clean, saving customers money, there isn’t any need for weekly/bimonthly cleans. Don’t forget it’s chemical free making the process child & pet safe

Pure Water?

Can pure water do a better job overall than chemicals?  Well the proof is definitely in the results, call us today for your free quotation, we’re so confident of the answer we offer a customer 100% satisfaction guarantee